A light sometimes seen hovering over marshy ground

Performance with audio | 08:00

Raven Row (August 2019)


Eloise Lawson

Jo Pester

00:00 / 07:59

We intercept radio signals from space that we don’t understand all the time. Sometimes, the signals follow rules and patterns making them appear like Morse-code or even whale song. Whale song follows many rules and patterns that are shared with human language. These radio signals usually turn out to be due to some natural physical process, but they reveal the ways in which it can be almost impossible to distinguish between ‘intelligent’ sounds and those created seemingly without ‘meaning’ or ‘intent’.

Two individuals interact via flashing light sequences using torches and mirrors. One of the earliest attempts at sending a message out to space involved using mirrors to reflect light signals into the sky. In the performance the patterns are taken from various sources including possible intelligent patterns received from space, signals sent into space by humans and various flash patterns of different firefly species.


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