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Magical Body

2022 | Audio play with soundscape | 00:24:30

A more-than-human smut audio roleplay in three acts, in collaboration with Amanda Rice.


A Property Manager becomes infected with an unknown virus that forces an awareness of stories and events outside of his usual timeline of progress. Slowly he begins to embody the building problems of the property that he has managed for the last decade, and the many intelligent actors within the building that cause him and the world around him to transform irreversibly. The result is a new age of understanding and relation; a widening of empathy across difference and of the understanding of what intelligence counts.


The work imagines how more-than-human agencies and the complexities of anthropomorphism might relate to flexible labour markets, in which a whole host of non-human actors are tangled up in. The timeline of progress is linear and singular, but what happens if we look around instead of ahead? We might start noticing other temporal patterns where multiple organisms enlist each other in their own projects and world building.

Amanda Rice and Jo Pester



Amanda Rice, Jo Pester, AI Gwyneth Paltrow and AI Mike



Amanda Rice, Jo Pester and Lewis Pester

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