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The Witchy One

2018 | Video with sound | 12:58

The Witchy One meditates on the image of the grandmother as linked to both witch and cyborg, in an attempt to interrupt it. A recreation of a trip to Wookey Hole Caves to visit the resident witch, that took place in the artist’s childhood with her mother, sister and grandmother, is reenacted by the artist and her mother.


The artist’s own grandmother is a constant presence in the work. The camera spies on her from the edges of her own garden and sleuths around her home, interrogating its contents as artefacts. Her image is always mediated through the artist and the artist’s relationship to her. We hear from her only via recreations of old cassette recordings made for the artist as a child; an email containing a crumble recipe; the artist’s own accounts of conversations between the two of them; and memories both truthful and fictional.

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